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Last one, forever.

Right now I’m sitting in a basic earth sciences class, taught by a fossil. I can understand why they’d get him to teach the class, he was there when the earth was made. For Christ. Sakes. Fun story, and the first leg of my quit smoking journey, after the jump.

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Let’s Get This Horse to Pull

“I was a talking horse before it was cool.” – Mr. Ed

I’ve decided, as you know, to do a PR strategy for WestCoast Entertainment’s “Best of Broadway” series of productions. I’m wild about this project, due in no small part that it involves a talking horse. But I’m already getting ahead of myself.

I’m going to develop a PR strategy aimed at college students from Gonzaga, Whitworth, and to a certain extent, Eastern Washington. The student rush tickets are already a huge boon to our cause, but I had a few ideas for generating buzz for the show beyond that.

The horse from WarHorse should have his own Twitter account and Facebook page. I have a feeling the Facebook presence will take a little longer to catch on, but if we can get this horse to say some very clever things, people will notice.

Additionally, WCE could leverage more than one of the many, many arts and culture blogs in Spokane, not to mention print publications. The Inlander should be on the top of WCEs publications to approach due to their high circulation among members of our target demographic. Student papers such as the Whitworthian would love to have behind-the-scenes looks at many of the upcoming productions.

If the horse ends up being incredibly popular, I could see him being an asset for the rest of the season. Different strategies may be required to reach other demographics, but I think this will be a clever way to generate some interest on campus. What do you think?

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