subjective taco

The same words, but rearranged differently. Then grilled.

This is the part where I totally flip out

You have asked me to come up with my status report, as well as obstacles, challenges, and questions.

Well, I’m going to level with you. This is going to be the most challenging assignment I’ve ever tried to tackle. Grappling with the amount of reading I need to catch up on, plus the additional stresses from all of my other classes, has put me in somewhat of a pickle. I have learned how to use the tools at my disposal, such as Buffer, and Hootsuite, and Twittalyzer, and so on and so forth. But none of this information is making any sense to me yet.

I opened the XYZ Coffee Company sample media proposal, and it was like I was gazing at the exposed human brain. I have no idea where all this information is coming from. I’m going to show up on the final day, having done nothing and knowing nothing, and I’m going to be standing in front of the classroom looking like an ass. And I prefer to look like an ass from the back of the classroom.

I’m pulling my hair out about this. My current project isn’t anywhere close to 500 words even, which should be easy considering I’m a writer. I can put out a 700 word story in an hour if I need to, challenge accepted, no problem. But again, the project is too vague. Key contacts? What? Where am I going to find those? What if I use the wrong ones? Sorry if I haven’t been able to devote hours every week to monitoring Twitter and Facebook for WCE, but as far as I know, I wasn’t supposed to be doing that in the first place. Or was I? I just don’t know. It doesn’t feel like anything we have done in class has prepared us for what we need to do. Am I the only one?

All of this aside, I just need a checklist. Plain and simple. Is this for a one time promotion, like an event or a contest, or is it an entire year of things? Or is it just a code book of best use principles for how WCE should approach the web?

I feel like I’m going to get an awful grade in this class simply because I wasn’t given all the information I need. I’m not even sure if you know what you want from us, and if you do, please share!

I… I need to go lie down.


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