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Final Project



The Goal


The long term goal of this social media campaign is to boost ticket sales for West Coast Entertainment’s Best of Broadway Fall 2013 program among college millennials (described below), with secondary objectives of boosting awareness of West Coast Entertainment as a brand on social media.

So far, West Coast Entertainment has done an excellent job of engaging top Twitter media specialists in the Spokane area. This, plus strong relationships with local businesses both on and off social media, puts WCE in a prime position to gain more followers and strengthen brand identity in the Inland Northwest. However, West Coast Entertainment has some weaknesses. Faced with a dwindling audience, WCE has struggled to reach out to a younger demographic, with student rush tickets and increased broadcast advertising. And, while this has boosted ticket sales, WCE would greatly benefit from a more aggressive social media campaign that understands the needs and wants of college students.


Target: The College Millennial


Millennials are an elusive demographic, even for brands that assertively engage them on emerging social media. They can barely remember a time before the internet, their time is highly valuable to them, and they are allergic to sales language. They grew up using technology, have a fierce “I shared/posted it first” sense of online ego, and want to know more than anything, “what’s in it for me?”

To cater to this demographic, WCE needs to produce content that entertains, provides utility, provides rewards, supplies with useful information, or perhaps most importantly, grants recognition. With this in mind, a competition seems well suited towards drawing in new listeners and contributors on social media platforms.


The Plan: Broadway U


My initiative will overcome a perceived brand weakness (lack of  with a definite brand strength. In order to reach out to the next generation of Broadway supporters, I propose an initiative that will allow local college students to actively engage with WCE while vying for opportunities to win WCE swag and tickets to Broadway shows. The name of the campaign: “Broadway U.”

“Broadway U,” a play on the words “University” and “you” is a supplemental campaign to be conducted in concert with your current social media presence on Twitter and Facebook, including a series of contests to be executed two weeks prior to, and during, the Fall 2013 Broadway season. Contests will be announced on Mondays, with the winners being announced on Fridays. Throughout the week, WCE would promote one notable entry per day on social media (for example, a video entry submitted Tuesday night would be promoted on WCE’s Facebook page Wednesday morning).

In order to promote the contests, WCE could engage key media influencers on Twitter.  As an additional incentive, WCE swag and vouchers to local restaurants could be given as runner up prizes. This would not only boost readership among college students, but strengthen ties with businesses in the local community.


The Contests


Valid student id required to claim prizes.

Suggestions for Possible Contests:


  • Follow WCE as entry. Sample: “COLLEGE STUDENTS! Follow WCE during the next four days, and you will be entered into a drawing to win tickets to ‘Hello Dolly’,” etc.

  • “This week’s #BroadwayU: Send us a video of your best witch impression. Our fav gets tix to Wicked!”

    • (Psst. There’s swag for runners up, too. #BroadwayU

  • “Check in at [restaurant name] on 4square and tag #BroadwayU for a chance at free tickets to Wicked!”

  • “Send a pic of you belting it out at your college campus for this week’s chance to win tix to the #tentenors!”

  • “Confess: who’s your favorite nun of all time? Use #BroadwayU for a chance to win this week’s free tix! #sisteract”

  • “What’s your dream? Tweet us for a chance to win free tix to #AmericanIdiot (bonus points for pics) #BroadwayU”


This is the part where I totally flip out

You have asked me to come up with my status report, as well as obstacles, challenges, and questions.

Well, I’m going to level with you. This is going to be the most challenging assignment I’ve ever tried to tackle. Grappling with the amount of reading I need to catch up on, plus the additional stresses from all of my other classes, has put me in somewhat of a pickle. I have learned how to use the tools at my disposal, such as Buffer, and Hootsuite, and Twittalyzer, and so on and so forth. But none of this information is making any sense to me yet.

I opened the XYZ Coffee Company sample media proposal, and it was like I was gazing at the exposed human brain. I have no idea where all this information is coming from. I’m going to show up on the final day, having done nothing and knowing nothing, and I’m going to be standing in front of the classroom looking like an ass. And I prefer to look like an ass from the back of the classroom.

I’m pulling my hair out about this. My current project isn’t anywhere close to 500 words even, which should be easy considering I’m a writer. I can put out a 700 word story in an hour if I need to, challenge accepted, no problem. But again, the project is too vague. Key contacts? What? Where am I going to find those? What if I use the wrong ones? Sorry if I haven’t been able to devote hours every week to monitoring Twitter and Facebook for WCE, but as far as I know, I wasn’t supposed to be doing that in the first place. Or was I? I just don’t know. It doesn’t feel like anything we have done in class has prepared us for what we need to do. Am I the only one?

All of this aside, I just need a checklist. Plain and simple. Is this for a one time promotion, like an event or a contest, or is it an entire year of things? Or is it just a code book of best use principles for how WCE should approach the web?

I feel like I’m going to get an awful grade in this class simply because I wasn’t given all the information I need. I’m not even sure if you know what you want from us, and if you do, please share!

I… I need to go lie down.

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