subjective taco

The same words, but rearranged differently. Then grilled.

Order of Business

I was perusing the syllabus and flitting back and forth between different chapters in my reading, when I noticed something pretty glaring. It struck me like a stick of butter it was so simple.

There. Right there, at the beginning of the book, “Chapter 2 – Goals and Strategies”. I flipped to it quickly and I realized, holy hell, this is it. This is the lynch pin to all of my confused, backwards endeavors. Twitter, yes, blogging, fine, these are all useful skills, but this chapter, oh-ho, this chapter… It frames the whole process of just what it is we’re trying to do here. And then I became more confused…

Are we in the act of carrying out a social media strategy? It has all the hallmarks of one: distributed hashtags with our tickets… And for that matter, tickets in the first place. Are we participating in a strategy, or planning one? The more I thought about it, the more I realized that’s been my gripe from the beginning.

The fact that we were being told to plan a strategy, whilst being given very little direction, while at the same time being told to carry out someone else’s media strategy campaign, whilst being given a lot of direction.




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