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Smoking, Fossils, Journalism

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Last one, forever.

Right now I’m sitting in a basic earth sciences class, taught by a fossil. I can understand why they’d get him to teach the class, he was there when the earth was made. For Christ. Sakes. Fun story, and the first leg of my quit smoking journey, after the jump.

Here’s an example. One day he tried to show the class a YouTube video. After opening the link, the taskbar still hovered above the fullscreen video. To get rid of it, all he needed to do was click the screen. But he didn’t know, he couldn’t have known. Look at him, and his rickety bone-joints. The prof’s eyes went wide, and he just kind of stood there for about half a minute, before panicking and logging off. The best part was, no one else in class said a THING during this three minute process. Oh my god, I almost died.

So, I’m trying to quit smoking. After reading Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking, I’m filled with all that renewed vigor I’ve been hearing so much about. I’m looking forward to not feeling like shit every morning when I cough up half a lung and then stumble outside to fill my lungs with more tar. Feeling pretty positive so far, just need to keep on top of my game and keep my eyes on the three week mark. Just three weeks, and I’ll be free.

Final thing, two of my stories were published in the Whitworthian’s April Fool’s issue, one about attack dogs and one about bears. I’d link them, but it’s not posted online for whatever reason. I’ll keep you posted. In the mean time, try to find the latest issue, and READ MY WORDS, HUMANS.

That’s all for now.


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One thought on “Smoking, Fossils, Journalism

  1. Delene on said:

    I have developed a stop smoking disc which is accompanied by a comprehensive booklet which outlines the whole process. Basically it gets your mind in the right place and the transition to non-smoker is done calmly and positively, plus the disc helps to reduce cravings, elevate thoughts about health and making smoke free living your reality! I’m super excited about getting it out there and in the process of setting up the website and this blog too (I am an absolute learner!) Anyway if you keen to try quitting the “easy way” feel free to contact me and I will get the disc in the post for you!
    PS: the Allen Carr book is brilliant and I often utilise his quote “once the right perspective is in place, quitting is easy!”

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